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Services Provided

Initial Consultation

All initial consultations are free of charge. All initial consultations are conducted via the phone or Skype. We can have a 30 minute chat which will help to clarify your unique coaching needs.

Personal Coaching

You are your best investment and you owe it to yourself to live a life worth remembering.

Career progression

The clearer you become about the career you wish to have, the easier it is to create that career.

  • Set

    What are your ideal outcomes to improve your situation?

    What would you change to make your goals happen?

    How can you find work/life balance?

  • Challenge
    self belief

    Would you like to challenge and change limited self-beliefs?

    What are your core and character strengths and how can you use them to improve your situation?

    How can you align your values to your goals?

  • Visualise

    Where would you like to be in your career in 1-3 years?

    What skills do you need to develop?

    Do your values and beliefs align with your career ?

  • Improve

    Are you aware of how to use your strengths in the workplace?

    Do you want to achieve results either individually or in teams within the workplace?

    Do you want to improve communication in the workplace?

  • Be the biggest part
    of your

Coaching Consultancy

See below details for a brief bio of Chestnut Coaching.

Christine Corrigan Career Coach Ireland

Christine Corrigan


Christine is a coach who also works as a teacher/trainer in adult education. She enjoys helping people to move forward in clarifying their true potential. At Chestnut Coaching you will become aware of how to find balance in your personal or professional life. Christine uses an evidence-based approach which will support you in clarifying your strengths enabling you to move forward with better outcomes. You will be able to maximize your self-awareness, improve your personal wellbeing and amplify your self-empowerment. Christine has a Masters in Applied Psychology (Coaching Psychology) and presented her findings at the Psychological Society of Ireland Conference in 2015. She is also an affiliate member of the British Psychological Society. Christine who is based in Cork, Ireland has a keen interest in the benefits of mindful walking, enjoys nature photography and music.


Looking forward to hearing from you.